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Bettina Bush
Image of Bettina Bush
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Additional Information: Bettina Bush
Bettina Bush's Biography

According to, Bettina is a born entertainer.  Her passion is a driving force. Her childhood was spent in recording studios singing children’s records, jingles, and voicing cartoon characters. 

Bettina first toured the club scene as a teen and gained experience performing her original songs live. She earned her degree in acting, while doing theatre pieces in LA.

Her time backstage was always spent songwriting, and she decided to explore her musical roots and her individual sound, leading her to Nashville where she developed a love for the disciplined co-writing process.

After their first co-write charted in Europe and received critical praise, Bettina and Curb Records artist Cary Park capitalized on artistic synergy and seized the opportunity to write and record Bettina's single “She Is”.

Following her American Idol Underground win in the Pop artist category , the buzz surrounding Bettina led to the beautifully produced music video for “She Is”, which displays Bettina’s unique appeal, generating even more demand for this artist.

Bettina cites the Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, and Corrine Bailey Rae as current musical influences.

"I have this vivid memory of being a toddler - my mom listened to Dolly Parton and Elton John, while my dad played old Motown. I couldn't yet read, write, or speak full sentences, but I sang those songs over and over and knew exactly what they meant - and what they meant to me."

Bettina's father was of African American descent and her mother was of Irish, Cherokee, and Polynesian descent. 

Hairstyle Details
Color Black Length Long, Very Long
Gender Female Texture Wavy & Curly
Style Formal, Trendy
Face Shape Triangular, Diamond