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Lana Parrilla
Image of Lana Parrilla
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Additional Information: Lana Parrilla
Lana Parrilla's Biography

Actress Lana Parrilla plays the saucy and seductive Trina Decker on the sizzling new CBS Show - Swingtown.  The premise of the show is about "swingers" in the 1970s with Lana Parilla as Trina Decker one of the most vocal characters about having an open marriage.

Lana Parrilla got her first big break with a recurring role on the series "Spin City." 

Her subsequent television credits include regular roles in "Boomtown" and "Windfall," and recurring roles on "Lost," "24" and "Six Feet Under." 

Lana was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. and currently lives in Los Angeles.  Her birth date is July 15 and her favorite films from the 70s are "Saturday Night Fever" and "A Clockwork Orange."

Swingtown is from the director of "Big Love" and "Rome," and traces two generations of friends and neighbors as they forge intimate connections and explore new freedoms during the culturally transformative decade of the 1970s.  

Swingtown co-starring Lana as Trina portrays the ever-shifting "swing" of the pendulum that reflected the change in America's collective value system - morally, politically and socially.  

After moving to an upscale lakeside Chicago suburb in July of 1976, Susan and Bruce Miller must confront temptation in the form of their provocative new neighbors, Tom and Trina Decker, while not abandoning their old friends Janet and Roger Thompson.

As the adult couples evaluate whether to embrace or avoid newfound personal freedoms, the curious Miller and Thompson children begin to discover and assert their own morality and sexual identities as they come of age in a world on the precipice of change. 

In a shifting social climate - defined by its music, fashion and style - everyone in SWINGTOWN is confronted with personal choices, experimentation and attitudes.

Hairstyle Details
Color Black Length Long
Gender Female Texture Straight
Style Trendy
Face Shape Square