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Gayle King

Hairstyles of Gayle King
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All About Gayle King
Gayle King's Biography:

Gayle King has had a very successful career as a TV and media journalist but it best known by the public as Oprah Winfrey's best friend.  Since 1999 she has been an Editor At Large of O Magazine and has appeared on Oprah's show on a regular basis.  She also has her own show on XM Satellite Radio which she has had since 2006.

At one point rumors were rampant that Oprah and Gayle were lovers but Oprah has come out publicly and admitted that she and Gayle are best friends.  Nothing else. 

Although Gayle was born in the United States in Chevy Chase, Maryland on December 28, 1954, she spent a good part of her childhood living in Turkey.  Her father was an electrical engineer and her mother was a homemaker.

Gayle graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Psychology but moved to Kansas City to pursue a job in journalism.  She spent 16 years at WFSB in Hartford, Connecticut as a popular news anchor.

She has been a special correspondent for Good Morning America and was widely rumored to be in consideration for an open spot on The View - which never happened.

As of 2008 there have been rumors that Gayle, who is divorced and has two grown children - a boy and girl - is engaged to be married.